COVID-19 leak from Wuhan lab extremely unlikely: Upcoming WHO Report

COVID-19 leak from Wuhan lab extremely unlikely Upcoming WHO Report
COVID-19 leak from Wuhan lab extremely unlikely Upcoming WHO Report

COVID-19 leak from Wuhan lab extremely unlikely: Upcoming WHO Report 

A report on the origin of the Coronavirus set to be released by the World Health Organisation on March 30, 2021, has stated that it is extremely unlikely that COVID-19 leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China.

The report has further found that the transmission of the virus from bats to humans through another animal is the most likely scenario.

After facing pressure from countries all over the world, a team by WHO had visited Wuhan in China to find the origin of the Coronavirus as the city had reported the first infected case. China has been criticized globally for its alleged role in spreading the virus.

No evidence of virus leak from Wuhan lab, bat the most likely scenario

The source on the report mentioned that it is extremely unlikely that the Coronavirus leaked from a lab in Wuhan in China.

The scientists found no tangible evidence or any form of real leads on that. A lot of hard questions were also asked to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

According to a source, the WHO report will find that it is most likely that a bat, somewhere in Southeast Asia or China, has been getting the virus into animals into the intermediate house. It might be that in these wildlife farms that were very common at the time across South China, and then that got into the market in Wuhan.

The report supports the theory of transmission of the virus through frozen food:

The Report to be released by the World Health Organisation will find the theory that the virus was imported to China in frozen food is highly possible, but still not the most likely source of spread.

As per the source, it is certainly true that the virus is able to survive freezing and it is possible that this could have happened. If it is included in that frozen food cold chain pathway frozen wildlife and the type can carry the Coronaviruses, then it becomes much more possible.

However, the report mentions that the frozen food theory is a possible pathway but not the most likely. The report, however, deems, it extremely unlikely that the virus leaked from the Wuhan lab.

WHO presents all the hypotheses into the origin of virus through the report:

The Director-General of the World Health Organisation has stated that all the hypotheses into deadly virus’s origin have been presented on the table and warrant complete through the long-awaited report.

He added that WHO received the full mission report over the weekend on the origins of the virus from the team that had visited Wuhan early in 2021. This report has also been sent to the member states under embargo.

After a briefing on the report to the member states, it will be public and will be on WHO’s the website. The international experts will be holding a press conference after posting the report. After reading the report, there will also be a discussion on the next steps with member states.

The US demands China be transparent on the outbreak:

Meanwhile, the Secretary of the State of US Anthony Blinken has said that China must be transparent about the Coronavirus outbreak and must be accountable.

The US Diplomat further mentioned that the focus must be on building stronger systems for future pandemics. It must be made sure that the countries do everything possible to prevent another pandemic or at the very least at least make sure that are much more effective ways if something happens in the future.


China has been widely criticized for its alleged role in the spread of the novel coronavirus that infected over 127 million people across the world. According to John Hopkins University, more than 2.738 million people have lost their lives to the deadly virus.


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